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Ear Cleansing Solution

Ear Cleansing Solution

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Natural ear cleansing solution is made with natural ingredients to keep your pet's ear healthy.

Calendula/sweet almond oil. It promotes skin hydration, healing and regeneration. Apply to the pet’s external ear canal using a flat cotton pad. Allow the pet to shake its head. For routine maintenance of healthy ears, use 1 - 2 times weekly.

It's made with calendula, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E.

No chemical additives or artificial scents in the formula.

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  • Calendula

    Is used topically because of the calming nature and nourishing care of this plant to the delicate skin of pets. It offers anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

  • Sweet Almond Oil

    This oil is nourishing and gentle to the pet’s skin.  It is easily absorbed, making it a mild but effective moisturizer. Full of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it strengthens the skin's barrier against environmental stressors for a supple complexion.

Our Ear Cleansing Solution Features


100% Natural
Cruelty free
No chemical additives
Fair trade ingredients sources


No strong perfume fragance. Just a mild calendula herb scent.

100% Happiness Gauranteed

"Ear cleansing solution: I know lots of dogs have ear issues, so I purchased this product before I even got my puppy! I just put some on a makeup pad and wipe his ears gently. It has a very delicate scent, and seems to be very moisturizing, all while keeping his ears clean. Very happy with this!"

- Karen W.