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Free Shipping in Canada for purchase over 56.00 or 4 units of any of our products.


$25 CAD flat rate. Orders $100 +: Free standard shipping *US orders are subject to carrier rates and may include duties / fees laid out by each state. Prices listed are in CAD


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Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Unfortunately, we do not. The nature of this type of product doesn’t allow for it. We have included all necessary warnings and advisories on our labels. However, if the issue is a product defect or product error, please get in touch so that we can make it right!

I received the wrong product. What should I do?

 Please contact us by email ASAP and we will fix it very soon.


Are Nature’s Pet products truly all natural?

 Yes, all Nature’s Pet products ingredients are natural from reliable sources.

How often should I clean my pet’s ears?

 For regular ear cleansing once a week or each other week should be enough,but it depends on how much your pet produces ear’s wax. That may vary, so you can adjust it as needed.  

Do I need to dilute the Nature’s Pet shampoo for washing my pet?

There is no need of dilute the shampoo, it’s already diluted to better penetrate the pet’s hair and get through the skin.  

How often should I bath my dog?

 It will depend on the kind of life style you have for your pet. If you take them often to the ocean, hike, outside muddy conditions and lots of outside playtime, you may need to wash your dog more often, otherwise once a month could be okay. It’s always important to brush your pet more often.

Barrier Cream for Dogs Paws, is it safe if the pet licks it?

Yes, all the ingredients are safe for pets, but, because you want to have the paw protection when the pet is outside of the house, you should apply it by the door before going out for a walk.