Dog mouthwash

Why should I use a mouthwash for my pet?

Not only people can develop dental disease, but our pets too. The tartar is the most common problem as dental disease on the Pet Hospital daily appointments. Since the first humans domesticated dogs and cats we had changed their diet, and today we have to follow the consequences. So, it’s why it’s our responsibility to take care of their dental health, as we take care of other pet’s health problems in general. Prevention is always the best remedy.

If you have a puppy or a kitten you should start early taking daily basis dental care.

Using a natural pet’s mouthwash is a great option for preventing future problems. Never use human’s mouthwash for your pet, the chemicals inside it can be harmful to them. I like to use a wet cotton ball with the natural mouthwash every night before bedtime. In this way, your pet will get used to having this routine and with time they will not border anymore and will be able to enjoy the care and the taste of natural peppermint flavour mouthwash. Rubbing the teeth with the wet cotton ball will make a gum’s massage and cleaning without hurting it as the toothbrush can make it sometimes. You can use it as a spray directly on the mouth to finish it with a good amount of “good breath”. Be kind with your pet’s mouth cleaning, but keep it as a persistent routine. Try to make it a “good moment” you can give a treat before cleaning, then your pet will be happy to come for it when you call them. This is the best way to have long term goals achieved. That means your pet’s mouth is healthy.

An annual dental examination by your veterinarian is always recommended.


Gisela Novaes

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