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Did you know that dogs can benefit from Massage Therapy?

Throughout the years, massage therapy has been used more and more for animals. This healing technique is described as one of the first holistic approaches for healing body injuries in people, growing popular in 1820 by a Chinese doctor, Dr. Ling. Recent studies have shown that massage therapy alters dopamine and serotonin levels, decreases noradrenaline levels, modulates the immune system and can decrease sensibility to pain. Check it out:

Helps to reduce anxiety: Some dogs are naturally more anxious and excitable than others. They’re the ones who may hide in the hall closet when there’s a thunderstorm or react nervously when they arrive at the veterinary clinic. Massage can help dogs to calm down when they’re feeling stressed and reassure them that there’s nothing to be worried about.  

Improves circulation: A healthy circulatory system brings muscles the oxygen they need for optimal functioning. This is also a way to reduce potential muscle cramps.

It can relieves join pain: When your pet reaches a more mature age, they're likely to have some joint soreness and may develop arthritis. Additionally, some breeds are prone to having issues as hip dysplasia. The massage therapy will help to release the muscles and will make all the difference in their joint sensibility.

Strengthens Immune System: Keeping your pet healthy and resistant to disease and infection is at the first place of your list. Research has shown that massage is effective to increase the immune system. 

Promotes deep breathing: A soothing massage causes breathing to slow down and deepen. It will promote  a feeling of relaxation and support a healthy lung function as well. 

Helps prevent injury: After play time, a nice massage can help prevent muscle and joint injury.

Helps with drainage of kidneys and liver: Problems in these vital organs are common in pets, the massage therapy helps to keep this organs healthy.

Moves lymphatic fluid: The lymphatic system has a critical role in draining fluids from tissues and filtering the blood. The therapy can keep the lymphatic fluid moving and lymph nodes healthy.

Supports well- being: Finally, one of the most important benefits the pet massage is that it supports their overall well-being. In other words, it has the effect of restoring balance and energy in the body. You will notice your furry friend enjoying their day much more after a full massage session!

Gisela Novaes - Holistic Veterinarian Therapist

Certified Canine Myo- Manipulative Functional therapist

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